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Recent Projects

CompliancedCo Website Redesign


Industry: Finance, 

Tech: WordPress, PHP,  Figma, Elementor Pro

Problem: I was contracted by the managers of compliance to refresh the current design of their website while not straying too far from the current theme of the website. The colors and some of the site content were expected to be retained, while new features like the blog and the home page quote carousel. Doubled as a project manager. I planned the project timeline and deliverables (design, development, testing launch) for compliancedco.comServer setup, development, testing, and launch by me.100% mobile responsiveSet up Google Analytics for tracking and monitoring site visitors.Security setup - site headers, SSL set up, anti-bot setup, anti-malware setup.

Site management: Lagos Fashion Week


Industry: Fashion

Tech: WordPress, Craft CMS, PHP,  Elementor Pro

As a WordPress Developer for Lagos Fashion Week powered by Style House Files, my
role involves monitoring, managing, and maintaining the website. I am responsible for overseeing all
technical aspects of the platform, including optimizing website performance, troubleshooting issues, and
ensuring a seamless user experience. Leveraging my expertise in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,
I am able to implement necessary updates and customizations that enhances the website's functionality.

Successfully restored the website 24 hours main yearly event after an unforseen site crash.Run monthly security check audits.Interfaced and remotely collaborated with external malware removal professionals in cleansing the site server of malware infestation.
Lagos fashion week



Industry: Crypto, NFTs

Tech: WordPress, Elementor Pro

Doubled as a project manager. I planned the project timeline and deliverables (design, development, testing launch) for nftsearock.com. I completed it all in 30 days.Purchased and set up the host server for site deployment and installed WordPress.Ensured the server was one with a 99.99% uptime while also ensuring they had super-responsive support.Collaborated and communicated asynchronously via Google Docs, sheets, WhatsApp, and synchronously via Zoom meetings.Built a 100% mobile responsive website, which displayed correctly across the most popular browsers at development.Set up Google Analytics for tracking and monitoring site visitors.Ensured a site speed of less than 5s by limiting the use of unnecessary plugins. Custom-coded features that might require plugins optimized all images manually and used SVGs for all icons.Performed QA tests on all website elements, which allowed for consistency in design and a functional display of the NFTSEAROCK brand.

Experience Torah


Industry: Virtual reality, Non-profit, Culinary

Tech: WordPress, Elementor Pro, Stripe

Fundraising landing page for a Non-profit Virtual reality cooking tutor organization - Experience Torah.Serve setup, design, and implementation from scratch by me. Stripe integration for donations.
experience torah



Industry: Sales, Lead Gen

Tech: WordPress, Elementor Pro, Calendly

Booking website that provides lead-generation solution for financial advisors, planners, and consultants.​Server setup, design, development, testing, and launch by me.Bot-secure contact form for seamless enquiries.Custom site emails.Calendly integration for consultation bookings.Loads in 3s on mobile.

Estella Marie Staffing


Industry: Beauty, Human resource

Tech: WordPress, Elementor Pro, Figma

EMS is a recruitment website targeting young professionals in the beauty industry.Set up the WordPress Install and built a 10-paged website from the ground up with reference to the approved Figma design.Ensured 100% consistency in design across all elements by accurately interpreting the User Interface design. This resulted in a synchronized message of the EMS brand across the website.Performed QA (Quality Assurance) tests on all ten pages, focusing on closeness to design, mobile responsiveness, site speed, and proper page linking.
screen grab 3

A Cut Above Israel


Industry: Food processing, Meat Industry

Tech: WordPress, PHP, Woocommerce, Elementor Pro

I doubled as Project manager as I planned, organized, and executed web projects from start to finish.Initiated and performed a seamless domain transfer from the previous business to the new owner (the company was purchased).Configured the host server (Siteground), integrated SSL, and installed security certificates and WordPress. All of this led to seamless site development and launch.Configured WooCommerce and initiated a complete website redesign which made the website resonate with what's obtainable among Israeli processed meat seller websites.Set up Google Analytics and integrated popular payment gateways.On launch, A cut above could pick the audience from the previous seller easily as they reached via mail for purchase inquiries, and those who made direct purchases resulted in almost 1000+ USD in first month sales.Performed routine site maintenance and security monitoring for 6+ months.Successfully cleansed the website of credit card hijacking Malware through in-depth site scans and a professional inquiry into the site's core files.
a cut above israel website